The President’s welcome

President’s Address 2024 AGM JK

2023 was another active and enjoyable year for the Society. Once again Fergus arranged an excellent selection of speakers to inform and entertain us.
Attendance continues to be very good at our meetings, with new faces coming along every month. I hope this trend will continue and everyone will try and bring along at least one guest this coming season. So, many thanks go to Fergus for his continued energy in arranging these very enjoyable evenings.

This year our Coach trip in June was a great success with a super sunny visit to Burnside near Drogan and then onto Dumfries House. No doubt Fergus will have something just as entertaining in mind for this year.

The main highlight of the year is, of course, our Flower Show in September.
Once again this year’s show continues its transformation. I am delighted to say that the number of exhibitors was up by 27.5% and the number of entries by 18.4%.

All the sections were well covered, and it was especially pleasing to see the Baking and Produce Section holding up well against last year’s excellent figures.


Once again, we intend to take all the best bits and make them even better and take some further steps to ensure that our Flower Show stays vibrant and on trend.

My thanks, as always, goes to the committee and office bearers. They’re the backbone of the Society, and to all of them we owe a big thanks.
Tonight, as ever we will be looking for new Committee members to keep the Society buoyant, so don’t be shy. It’s not an onerous job and can be very rewarding.
Finally there is a big thank you to you, the members who support us, without you there would be no Society.