Welcome to the September Newsletter. I’d like to start with a short piece of history.

In January 1988 at our AGM the then President announced that after 16 years he was stepping down from his position. At the same time, we were looking for a Treasurer and Secretary, as without these vital positions filled the Society would not be able to continue. Looking at the way forward, it was decided that each ‘Office Bearer’ would be elected for no more than two years unless they themselves wished to carry on. This decision removed the fear of agreeing to a continuing commitment where members may feel uncomfortable in taking up such posts.

This arrangement has worked for 33 years, and the Society has gone from strength to strength thanks to the many dedicated individuals and their selfless commitment. This has been a great achievement as so many other Societies have fallen by the wayside.

Now I come to the difficult part of this Newsletter.

We desperately need volunteers to come forward for committee, and also fill some of the Office Bearer posts. We have 150 members at present and I am hoping that within that number there would be members willing to step up to ease the burden on our current Office Bearers. The present Treasurer and Secretary would be more than willing to guide and assist anyone who volunteered – we would not expect anyone to take on a position ‘cold turkey’, as the saying goes.

Myself, as President, and our existing vice President will be in our posts for the foreseeable future and will always be there for advice and assistance in the affairs of the Society.

At the next AGM in January 2022, we will need at least 10 new committee members, some of whom would be willing to take on one of the Office Bearers duties. Those are as follows: Treasurer: Secretary: Show Schedule compiler: Membership Secretary.

There is another way you can help, if you do not fancy committing to an official post or even joining the committee. We need numbers to help out with the Annual Show in September each year and that brings us to the ‘Friends of Bachs’ group. Currently standing at 7 members, I gave them the assurance that they would only be called upon to help when necessary and would not be cajoled into joining the committee. I stand by that and would appreciate others helping in this way.

We have a very successful Society, always well attended meetings (please keep this up), and as we head into our 75th year in 2022, I would love it to continue. The harsh truth is that it won’t, without your help. The last 18 months have been difficult for everyone, but now that we can see light at the end of the tunnel we need to regroup and make sure we have a Society fit for the future. Finally, sounding a bit like Kitchener: – “Your Society Needs You

Thank you for your patience in reading this, let’s make sure we keep going. All suggestions welcome!

Many thanks,
Fergus Cumming
President (0141 620 1435)

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