Welcome to the second Newsletter for September.

I thought I would redress the balance and shock of the first one which went out recently. We do need to have a conversation about the future of the Society, and it would be unfair to intrude too much on our monthly meetings. I think you will have got the gist of the appeal, so if you are willing to step up, please speak to me or John at the September, October, or November meetings.

Membership – We should be nudging 150 members now and I hope to welcome at least 9 or 10 new members at the September talk.

Winter Talks – We look forward to our first talk of the new session “Making a Garden from Scratch” by John West on 16th September at 7.30pm in Clarkston Halls. This will be a Covid compliant meeting where social distancing will still be in place as will wearing of masks when moving about the hall. We will have a sign in sheet also for track & trace.

We have been advised no money is to change hands, therefore, to facilitate the Raffle, please bring the correct change. £1.00 per strip for tickets which will be pre-prepared. Fivers acceptable. Unfortunately, there will be no tea as we have no access to the kitchen. We will have a comfort break and shortly thereafter re-introduce our Garden Doctor where you can bring along your gardening questions.

Jobs for September – Lawns – still time to sow grass seed when soil is still warm to repair any bare patches in your lawn. Water well and cover with fleece to keep the pigeons off.

Summer displays – continue to deadhead, feed and water your hanging baskets & containers of summer annuals to prolong your flowering displays.

Sow green manures – any bare soil or patches which have been harvested of vegetables will benefit from a sowing of green manure. Many varieties available now such as grazing rye, winter vetch, trefoil & clover which can be dug in at appropriate time & helps keep weeds down.

Finally – fancy some Tatties for Christmas. Sow seed in bags and grow outside until first frosts threaten, then protect in greenhouse. Varieties – Pentland Javelin or Charlotte. I’m trying this for the first time now.

Happy gardening & we’ll see you on Thursday 16th September.

Many thanks,
Fergus Cumming
President (0141 620 1435)

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