Busby & Clarkston Horticultural Society Newsletter 
October 2022




Welcome to the October Newsletter after a busy & successful September. Firstly, the Show was a memorable experience, with a superb turnout from the public, members, and friends. Entries were slightly down but the Novice, Handicrafts & baking sections were exceptional, and we still retained a good standard in other areas. The Tearoom had a major boost in quality of tea/coffee & cake on offer and made a great profit. Overall, the Show was a financial success, making a profit for the first time in 5 years. Well done to everyone involved. We also gained 25 new members, a great result.

October talk – Self Provisioning, the art of sustainable vegetable growing by Neil White is on Thursday 20th October at 7.30pm in Clarkston Halls. See website for more details.

October Checklist:

Move Shrubs & Perennials – still time to move evergreen shrubs with as big a root ball as possible. Also divide summer flowering perennials such as Daylilies & Delphiniums whilst still some heat in the soil.

Take Rose cuttings- taking hardwood cuttings now, either placed straight into the ground, in a cold frame or using the old plunge it in a potato trick in pots.

Plants Autumn crops – such as onion sets ‘Radar’ or ‘Electric’ for spring harvest. Also, garlic cloves, winter cabbage, perpetual Spinach, or broad beans. Try some green manure on your empty vegetable beds, such as, Grazing Rye, Fenugreek or Field Bean.

Lift & store tender plants – prune back stems of tuberous plants, making them ready to lift, such as Dahlias, Gladioli, Cannas, etc. You could leave Dahlias until first frost blackens the flowers & top foliage, but do not leave any longer after that or the frost could penetrate to the tuber. Don’t forget to label them or it will be potluck next Spring. Lift & pot up Pelargoniums to a cold greenhouse, keep them on the dry side – heat to 5* C or frost free.

Pre-Winter pruning – cut back Buddleias, shrubby Malvas and Roses if they are finished flowering to prevent wind rock over winter. Cut back by about 50%.

Organise, clean & store Gardening tools – roll up, drain & store hoses, clean, sharpen & WD40 blades on tools & mowers. You’ll have nice clean tools to work with over winter & next spring.


Happy Gardening and see you at our next talk.


Fergus Cumming – President (0141 620 1435)